Banana Fish- Will this be the next great Action-Drama anime?(1st ep summary+review)

Great anime!


1st Episode-The plot (second part with spoilers)banana-fish-anime-characters-aslan-jade-callenreese-eiji-okumura-w913

Spoiler-free: This new summer-2018 series revolves around Ash,a 17-year old boy and the former “lover”(one-sided relationship) of the Mafia boss Golzine “Papa” Dino, who manages to become the leader of a local gang in New York, USA and gets in a lot of trouble because of a drug.

Spoilers: One day, while he follows two suspicious gang-members, he encounters a shot man, who gives him a piece of paper with an address (I think it’s his address but I’m not sure)  and says the words “Banana Fish”, before falling to the ground. Later we find out that Banana Fish is actually a drug that was dealt to Ash’s older brother, Griffin, in the military. This resulted in him killing some of his comrades and then going crazy. So, after hearing again about “Banana Fish”, from the now dead man, Ash begins to take…

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My first blog


What will it be all about?

I think that it is pretty obvious what this blog will be about, but if you haven’t guessed it already…it will be about Japan.

The reason I decided to write on this topic is because I am really passionate about japanese culture. I first got to know anything about Japan when I was in the fifth grade and one of my friends introduced me to anime, yep anime, man…what an amazing creation…anyway you will hear me talk about anime a lot from now on, but if you are not interested in it tho, don’t worry, I will also write about other stuff so stay tuned ;-).

Anyway so how I already said, this blog will be mostly about Japan, but let’s be real for a second this includes countless topics like food, lifestyle, traveltips, modern culture and many others, so I won’t run out of ideas too soon.

Why did I start this blog?

Well, I started this blog because I really feel like talking about things that I am this passionate about, but in real life I’m not quite that kinda guy who just starts talking about his life, dreams and hobbies so I decided to share everything here.

What am I trying to achieve with this blog?

For a question that I asked myself I don’t really know what I m trying to achieve, I guess for starters it would be nice to have at least some followers so I won t be talking to myself, that would defeat the whole purpose of putting this blog on the internet :-).

So I guess this was the introduction to my blog, I don t want to make it to long, I just want to let you know what it will all be about and the reason I am doing this.

Lastly, I just hope you will have fun reading my content because I’m sure that I will have fun writing it.